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Welcome to the
Angry Panda Conspiracy Guild Page! We are a Level 25 Alliance Guild on the server Garithos.

Our mission is to Raid with a Core 10 Person Group, leading to and completing, Heroic Content.

As a guild, we are all very active and like to run Current and Old Dungeons and Raids for fun, achievements and transmog gear; or you can find us out in the world questing, doing dailies or leveling our alts. Our members are friendly, supportive, fun and helpful and most of the old Garithos players should recognize most of us, we have played on this server for years! We recently transferred back to Garithos after a five month excursion on Kil'Jaeden and now we're looking to settle back in and expand!

Feel free to explore the site! Throw a shout out from the widget to the right or check out the forums!

Have fun and Thanks for stopping by!

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! Recruiting !

Rapturé, Oct 4, 12 11:05 PM.

!!!We Are Recruiting!!!

We are currently recruiting for our 10 man core raid!


Our raid times will be Tuesday -Thursday 7pm -10:30 or 11pm Server.


We are looking for dedicated, serious but fun Raiders!


**Note** If you're not looking for a raid spot or raiding just isn't your thing, we are also accepting casual players, levelers and those of you just looking for a fun guild to be in.  Please read the Guild Code of Conduct in the Forums Section before filling out the Member Application.  Feel free to Send an in game mail or whisper to any one of our guildies if you have any questions or concerns.


Here are some of our Raider Expectations:


1. Know your class.

- Stay current with class and spec changes.

- Know what Stats and Items are best for your class.


2. Know the fights.

- Read up on new content and fights before raid time.

We do not want to have to explain fights multiple times on new content. It wastes valuable raid time and the time of those who did their homework.


3. Be on time.

- We are looking for weekly raiders to show up on time, ready to raid, every week. We understand if things come up every now and then that prevent you from raiding from time to time, we just ask for more than a, 10 minute before raid notice, if you cannot make raid time, to find a replacement.

4. Have fun.

-We want to clear content and we do take it seriously, but we are by no means a super hardcore, you can't talk in vent, type guild. We like to have fun AND be productive and we are looking for players who can do both.


5.  Be a team player.

- Most people raid for the LOOT, the big looming four letter word that hangs over all us raiders. Our loot system, for the most part, is the / roll system with occasional Loot Council.  For example: If the healer needs the Int. Trinket that just dropped and the mage rolling on it has already won their Tier Legs and a ring, we would ask the mage if he would mind us giving the trinket to the healer.  If he does mind, we try to work something out, but we are looking for players who are willing to work with each other for the best of the whole guild and who try to keep it fair.


-Loot council will only be used when absolutely needed. We expect people to talk and work together.  



If you agree with and can meet these expectations, and you are interested in joining APC, check out our Forums Section. There you will find the full guild LOOT Rules, Raid Expectations and Rules, and the Guild Code of Conduct. You will be expected to know all three if your applying for a Raid Position.  Once you're ready to apply fill out the Raider Application in the Forums Under Guild Info. Feel free to Send an in game mail or whisper to any one of our guildies if you have any questions or concerns.

Don't forget to explore the site! Throw a shout out from the ShoutBox to the right or check out the Forums or Library for new information or Guild Events. 

Welcome to the site and thanks for stopping by.

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